See what our parents have to say about our classes . . .
"I've been taking my daughters to Music Together® since my oldest was 9 months old. We've done lots of different mommy and me classes but nothing compares to Music Together! It teaches them about rhythm and expressing themselves through music...I can't say enough wonderful things about my experience with Teacher Jill and Teacher Chandelle!"

Elizabeth, Mom to Aviana, Scarlett and Kennedy 

"We love Music Together!! I started my daughter when she was about 18 months and continued with my son when he was just a few weeks old. Both my daughter and son love music and dancing and it has just become a part of our daily lives. We sing while we brush our teeth, while we buckle our car seat, while we swing on the swings...just wherever and whenever we want! My daughter loves singing and figuring out the lyrics to a song and now she has started to take an interest in piano. And I have especially noticed my son's ability to move to music and keep a beat. He's almost 2 now but I think music has become a part of who he is because we started him so early. It makes for a fun and happy household when everyone loves to dance and sing spontaneously! Just yesterday we were all stomping our feet on some wood boards and making beats with our bodies. Teacher Jill and Chandelle have also done a great job helping me find ways to integrate the music into our daily lives so that after a while singing just became a natural part of parenting. So if you haven't tried it, you should give Music Together a shot! It has been such an enriching and valuable experience for us!"

Phyllis, Mom to Phoebe and PJ 

"We have been going to Music Together classes for three semesters now and we LOVE IT! Both Teacher Chandelle and Teacher Jill are amazing! It's been fun to watch my son learn and grow through rhythm and music. He now walks around our home humming and mimicking what he as learned! We highly recommend this program!"

Jennifer, Mom to Benjamin and Alice 

"Music Together with Jill Janzen was one of the highlights of our week. My son and I especially enjoyed the lullabies when the lights would dim and he would actually lie still for a few minutes and be peaceful! Our improvisation skills have also improved during the years of Music Together; now, pretty much any activity can be transformed into song, from walking on the sidewalk to putting away the laundry!"

Alexa, Mom to Edoardo 

“Music Together with Jill Janzen is the one and only activity that covers it all for my family: it crosses over the range of ages for my three boys; it crosses over time, because we do it all the time; it crosses over space, because we can do Music Together wherever we are. And the fact that each of my kids gets acknowledged and appreciated for his own unique contribution has proved hugely important. They each do contribute something unique. Jill spots their strengths and applauds them – at times showing me something I hadn’t seen before.”

Audrey, Mom to Matteo, Luca and Giovanni